Zielang Minalda Was A Twisted Guardian Of The Dark Roman Warrior, Memphiles Rheazon Rette. Zielang Was Once A Part Of Phazon Pete's Family Tree, But Was Discontinued By Herself, And Wanted To Make An Evil Promise To Take Over The World, Zielang Minalada Is The Proud Grandmother And Daughter Of The Peaceful Almiaon Minalada, Which Used The Element Of Wind To Be Used For Good. But For Zielang, It Was To Power Up The Hungry Memphiles (Rheazon Rette), After A Few Years Active, Zielang Caught Up With A Flu, But Managed To Endure It Called Nova-79 Antibiotics.

Zielang Minalada, Doctor Landon Gero, And Ozwell Spencer Set On A Conquest To Destroy Humanity And Invade The World With Zombies With The Solonum Virus That Scatters The World, And The Fetish Toxin Invading To More Parts Of The World. Zielang Minalada Hangs With Grandfather Sizamama Singah, The Proud Grandfather And Son To The Burly Joshomon Singah, Zielang Minalada And Ozwell Spencer Will Be Teaming Up In A Future Script In Early April, As Long As The Scripts Aren't Hard, There Won't Be Trouble.

Appears In:

Video Game Zombies

Video Game Black Ops

Video Game Black Ops 2

Video Game Black Ops 3 (Aids The Red Ribbon Army)

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures (Future Edition Of The 2020th Century)

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