The Zendara Battleship As Seen In A Flash Game/Black Navy War 2. She's The Most Powerful Battleship Ever To Help DigitalPh33rson.

The Zendara Battleship Is The Complete And New Upgraded Version Of The Red Battleship To Only Realize To Be Plated With Metal And Has More Futuristic Capabilities. The Zendara Was Decided By Sylux After A Machinima Verse Debate Who Actually Came Up With This Name. Lucas Slikk Was The One Who Chose This Name. The Zendara Was Also Given Names Like: "Super Mobile Machinima HQ", "Metal Machinima Killing Machine", "Black Zen Raider", And "The Physics Department", Which Is Used To Contact A Local Service Such As: A Food Supply, Emergency Replacement Products, (Courtesy Of: Morrigan Corp. Building.) And A Replacement Hull For Replacing Damaged Metal.

The Zendara Can Stand Up To 900,000 Yamato Battleship Cannon Blasts, 9000,0000,0000 Machine Gun Shots, And 8000,0000 Aircraft Bombs. The Zendara Is Far Most Superior At What She Does The Most To Help DigitalPh33rson And His Gang The Most. She Can Stand Up To The Most Variable Damage.

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