Yoshihiro Tajiri (田尻 義博, Tajiri Yoshihiro?, born September 29, 1970),[1] is a Japanese professional wrestler, perhaps best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. He is currently competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling and SMASH as TAJIRI

Tajiri had originally wanted to become a ballerina and trained in ballet, but after watching countless wrestling matches from Mexico, he entered Animal Hamaguchi Wrestling Gym and soon won its test match tournament. He debuted professionally in 1989 for IWA Japan.[4] Tajiri wrestled for IWA Japan during the early 1990s before, at the suggestion of Victor Quiñones, departing for Mexico in the mid-1990s, and wrestling for CMLL for several years.[5]

In 1997, he left CMLL and joined the hardcore wrestling promotion Big Japan Pro Wrestling in Tokyo. Tajiri also made a brief appearance on WWF Monday Night Raw in July 1997 (wrestling under the name Tajiri Yoshihiro) against Taka Michinoku, whom the WWF was pushing as its rising star in the Light Heavyweight division at the time. He also wrestled under the single name 'Tajiri' against Brian Christopher on Raw in October of the same year, then against Taka again later in the month.

In The Machinima, Tajiri Is Also A Target Of The Scripmasters And Microsoft Shingen Himself, Proving His Guilt, He Hided In Spain Where Professor Araragi Lives, But Araragi Knew That Tajiri Was Coming And Sooner Araragi Was A Target For Shingen As Well. He Also Interfered In The TMNT Toy Parody Radio Show, But His Voice Didn't Appear As A Meer Failure. And Tajiri Went To The Soul Society To Interfere With The Radio Waves And Started Turning Viscera's Hair Halfly Bald And Short, Making Him Big Daddy V.

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