Yamato during Trial Service

The Yamato Battleship, As Seen In An Illustration.She Was The Largest Battleship Ever Constructed In Reality.

The Yamato Battleship Is A HQ To The Japanese Millitia, The Power Of This Bad Boy Is Enormous, As For The Red Battleship, DigitalPh33rson Says In His Opinion That It's The Sam Size Of The Yamato Battleship. This Battleship Has A Cannon On Top Of It, Incapacititating Large Targets, And Stunning The Smaller One, It Apparently Cuts Them. The 72 Radius Shell Would Actually Kill A Normal Target, But In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Sylux Says That "No One Will Ever Be Left Behind." Even If They Die, They'll Make A New Body, Or A Gigai.

The Yamato Battleship Has Fought Fiercely Into Millions Of Battle With The Phazon Forces, Roman Army, And The Nazi Army. And Still The Yamato Battleship Still Remains Undefeated In Battle Today. A Powerful General Couldn't Afford A Powerful Machine Like This. Still, It's A Battle Ending, Killing Machine.