From DigitalPh33rsons Adventures To Video Game Zombies To Video Game Black Ops, Every Location Matters, Where It's A Script, A Boss Fight, A War, Or A Chemical Warefare. Even A Crime Scene. The Locations Occur In A Simple Matter A Minutes To Get Contacted Who Is Where

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures:

  • Komazzon Fields: A Wooden House For Operations, Out Of Nowhere, The Former Owner Was Bob Lawson, Along With A Girl Named Morgan Bernhardt. This House Used To Be DigitalPh33rsons, But He Has A Better And More Advanced Location In Seattle.
  • The Shi No Numa Residence: Also Appears In Video Game Zombies, This Infested Swamp Is Infected With The Solanum Virus, (That's Where The Lilypads Are.) Its Also Connected To About 17 Swamp Huts And A Fishing Pond. Only One Picnic Table. It's Home To: Jeffrey & Walter Richtofen, Nikolai Belenski, Takeo Massaki, Tank Dempsey, And Renji Williamson, (No One Has Heard about This Member Of Shi Numa, His Status Remains Unknown.)
  • Shadow Mosses High School Campus: Home To Many Students: Akari Fujisaki, Naoto Shirogane, Niko Bellic, Noxus, Trace, Weaveal, Moht, And Binyah Disguised As The Vice Principal. This School Has Very Strict Teachers.
  • Time Teller's Palace: Located In Seattle WA, The Palace Is Home To StarwolfNotMugen's ROFL Storyteller The Messiah, He Will Travel DigitalPh33rson Into The Past. But, During His Last Time In The Thanksgiving Special, He Didn't Do To Well. Just Regularly Fair. Messiah's Straight Edge Form Is A Fox Named Amaterasu, A Traveling Fox That Sometime Goes Everywhere, But Rarely Talks. Not Much Is Known About Messiah's Fox (Straight Edge) Form.
  • Metroid War Memorial: This Place Is Honored To Those From The Nintendo Franchise Metroid, To Pay Tributes Like Greats Like: Adam Malkovich, Qasim Masoum, And Samus Aran. Damara Also Visited Here To Pay Tribute To Pete Allen Who Is A Metroid Alumni Member.

Video Game Zombies:

  • The Funeral Home: A Basic Place To Celebrate The Death Of A Certain Loved One, In The First Episode, Eric Cartman's Death Was Celebrated Here, But He Was Reserected As A Zombie With Orange Eyes, And Later Became A Part Of The Zombie Crisis.
  • The White House: Barrack Obama's Fortress, He Was Once Held Up By Galactic Federation Solidiers In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, But In Video Game Zombies, He Is Currently Dealing With The Zombie Crisis Riot And Microsoft Shingen's Vengence Against Him. Along With Janie, Scotty, And Keldon.
  • Machinima HQ (Seattle Washington): Ryan Miller/DigitalPh33rson/Derrick Sanderson's Fortress Of Operations, Missions Are Planned With The 3 Protagonists Of The Machinima. Whenever There's A Call, Derrick Does The Calls, When DigitalPh33rson Looks For Something, He Finds It In A Certain Place. When Ryan Goes Zombie Hunting, He Ususally Uses His Guass Rifle, Shotgun, Apotheosis DX-2X, And Chaingun.
  • The Streets Of Seattle: Near The Machinima Hq, There's Other Building Other Than The HQ It's Self Like: Burger King, Tim Hortons, IHOP Pancake House, McDonalds, The Morrigan Corp Building (Various Repair Products & Sales For System Programs: Security Door Opener, Mortal Kombat Game Engine, Are Examples.) Ichigo Kurosaki Is Usaually Found At McDonalds.
  • Seattle National Park: This Is Messiah's Favorite Place, As His Fox Form, He Likes To Run Arround As Much, But It Was Temporary Closed Due To Shingen's Strict Rules And Zombies Roaming Both The City And The Park Itself.

Video Game Black Ops:

  • The Village In Old Spain: Under The Wise Elder's Controll, Usually Civilization Was Lost Here Because The Romans Destroyed Everything In Sight Of Spain, It Was Later Then Up To Derrick To Defeat Thanatos (Messiah's Brother) To Underestimate Him And Also Blame Him For The Death Of A Million People In Spain. It's Currently Under Partly Cloudy Skies, Charred Grass, And Ruins Of Destroyed Houses. As Well As The Ancient Shrine Where Thanatos Hided Out.
  • Black Ops Base: Near Area 51, The Base Is A Property Of The Black Ops Army And Later Became To Get More Populated By New Black Ops Recruits, They Have Intermediate Technolgy, That Is A Little Hard To Understand. But Derrick Managed To Disable The Security Very Easily.
  • Mezari Mountain Fortress: A Mountain Enhanced With Metal Plating, And Is One Of The Best Armored Forts In The Machinima Universe, It Was Unneffective By The Fetish Toxin, It Is Home To The 3 Newcoming Assassins: Raging Raven, Laughing Octopus, And Crying Wolf