Doctor Edward Walter Richtofen, The Leader Of The Shi Numa Team Is A Well-Respected Teammate Of DigtalPh33rson And Samus Aran. Walter Richtofen, Who Was A Target Of The Nazi German Zombies, And A Target Of The Roman Army. The History That Richtofen Had That He Also Appears In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures As A Major Character And Never Falls To DigitalPh33rsons Darkside. In Fact, Tank Dempsey, Doctor Richtofen's Co. Seated Officer Of The Team Was Betrayed Off The Team After Summoning A Nimitz Supecarrier, Samus Said To Tank That He Did Nothing, But The Work Of That Summoning Was Tank Ellis Dempsey

Doctor Richtofen Also Appears In Metroid Prime: Elite Charlie And Delta Strike Force Video Game, In Fact Walter Richtofen Is Player 3. He Has A German Rifle (Zombie Beta Scene), A Wonderwaffe, And A Humanity Gun As A Unlockable Weapon. The Properties That It Has Is That It Reverts Them Back To Healthy Humans. Doctor Richtofen Was Working On A Tank Of A Rare Mineral That No Normal Person Would Find. Along With His Brother, Jeffrey Richtofen Who Is A Proud Galactic Federation Soldier, Has Been Looking After Him. Also Commander Qasim Masoum Was Looking After Him As Well. Richtofen Then Appeared In Video Game Black Ops, He Was Then Truamatized With A Fatal Heart Virus And A Little Mixture Of The Solonum Virus Thanks To The Galactic Union. Walter Richtofen Wouldn't Know If He Was Going To Die Of Cardiac Arrest Or Turn Into A Zombie, But DigitalPh33rson (As Derrick Sanderson), Embarked On A Campaign To Find Richtofen A Antidote. Richtofen Said That His Heart Virus Along With The Zombie Virus Mixed To It Would Take About 180 Days. And Derrick's Journey Only Lasted For Only 70 Days Because Of The Delays Of Fighting Samus With Her Elite Armor, Or Tresspassing Into Area 51. Or Retrieving Information About The Black Ops And Space Pirate Army.