Vladimir Makarov, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures

Vladimir R. Makarov (Russian: Влади́мир Р. Мака́ров) Is A Character From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, And Is A Savior And Rival To DigitalPh33rson Despite The Fact He Is A Nazi And Works With Hitler And His Identity Is "The Samus Clone" Vladimir Once Worked Undercover With DigitalPh33rson And Samus In The World War 3 Special In Order To Get Revenge On His Hatred Enemy, Ronald Regan.

Vladmir Has Little Or Few Of Friends Due To The Fact His Relatives Are Working Undercover For Mr. Coleman, And Betrayed Him At The Zakhaev International Airport, Along With His Team Liutenant, Jake Ayasegawa Johnson. He Only Has Friends Working For Him At Komazzon Nazi Academy, And His Safehouse Somewhere Arround The Mountain Alps.

Family & Friends:

Abraham Slikk (Leopold's Uncle) (Comrade)

Phazon Pete (Soldier) (Friend & Comrade)

Adolf Hitler (Team Commander) (Follower)

Tahirah (Wife & Godmother)

DigitalPh33rson (Friend & Rival)

Link & Conker (Big Fans)

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