This Mode Is A Another Add-On Compared To Future Warfare 4's Story Mode, On The Second Half This Mode Allows You To Follow The Story Of Video Game Zombies And Survive The Zombie Nightmare And Unlock Weapons Along The Way, You Have To First Play This Mode Before Playing The Real Story Mode. It Is Important Because You Need to Unlock Weapons To Use In The Real Story Mode

In Conclusion, This Mode Is Not Very Hard To Beat, In Opinion, The Levels May Be A Little Challenging Along The Other Later Levels, After Fighting More Hoards Of Zombies, You Get EXP To Power Up Your Weapons, Property Level, And Physical Stats, In The Video Game Zombies Mode, Not Only It's a Free Roaming GTA Style, But It Also A RPG Skill Game Like "Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night" If You Die Once, You Get Game Over, But If You Have A Save Point Active, You Can Start Off Where You Left Off, You Can Also Revive Yourself Using The Soul Crystal. The RPG Is Also A Challenge To Call Of Duty Fans Everywhere In The World, And It's Also To Keep Them Filled With Excitement. After Achieving Certain Levels By EXP, You Unlock Weapons That Are Also Linked To Story Mode, And Once You Reach 100, You're Done Collecting All The Weapons, And After When You Defeat The Final Boss, You Can Play Story Mode Without Question.

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