HidanNotMugen, As Seen In The Main Title Screen Of Video Game Zombies

Video Game Zombies Is A Machinima Series By DigitalPh33rson & StarwolfNotMugen, It Starts With The Limo Driver Taking The Machinima Gang In Midnight Manhattan New York And Eric Cartman, The Main Antagonist, Flew Through The Windshield, And Committed Suicide. After The Tragic Death, The Local Authority (The 911 Services) Took Cartman, And Was Pronounced Dead. A Funeral Was Held For Him, And Woke Up As A Zombie To Lead More Zombies. In Episode 2, Samus Screamed The 2nd Retry, And The 3rd Time Was The Charm, Therefore In The Machinima Universe Guidelines, The Patches & Modifications Also Fixes To The Series, Were Banned Indefinitely. Barrack Obama, The Main President Of Manhattan New York, Alerted The Citizens And Were Later Held Up By Galactic Federation Soldiers And Later Captured By Barrack Obama And Pronounced Dead And Was Reverted As A Zombie.

The Hidan Gigai, StarwolfNotMugen Sent Ryan Miller On A Assignment To Kill Microsoft Shingen And His Underlings And Restore The Galactic Federation's Reputation As Citizen Authority Again.

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