After A Massive Black Ops War And All The Monsters Gone, Derrick Sanderson Being The VIP Soldier, He Returns Again To Find A Recent Kidnapping Of Professor Araragi (Professor Juniper), Has Occured. These New Group Of Assassins Have Been Hired By The Anti-Machinima Universe, A Powerful Group Of Death-Mates That Founded This Company. The New Asssassins Are: Nitroblast, Fire Lord, Jetbug, And Izumi Curtis. Who Appears To Be The Phazon God, Almiaon Minalada . During Their Disaster, These Assassins Cutted The Power To The WSAM07TV Train Station In Columbus Ohio Rendering It Useless, And Providing Little Survival For AGK And His Fetish Gang. Putting Them Endangered.

Now, Derrick Sanderson And His Comrades: Hinata Hyuuga, Samus Aran, Anthony Higgs, K.G. Misawa, And Maurice Favreau. Now, These Young Soldiers Have To Defend The World Again From A 33rd Cold War, They Need To Stay Alive, Give Out Tactics, And Pretty A Lot To Do. This Part Was Inspired From The Call Of Duty Black Ops Map Pack. Coming Out In March. A Lot Has Changed In the World Of Black Ops. And Will Derrick Furfill His Destiny Again??

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