Video Game Black Ops,As Shown On The Title Introduction,Similar To Video Game Zombies

Video Game Black Ops Is A Series Relating To The New Call Of Duty Game: Black Ops. It Starts With A Brand New Character Named Derrick Sanderson Who Is 22 Years Old According To DigitalPh33rson's Youtube Page. It Starts At The Beggining Where Samus Betrays Him And Says: "You Bastard....." Very Slowly, Derrick Went On A Mission To Save Edward Richtofen From A Fatal Heart Virus, Saving His Friends: Professor Araragi, Sylux, Azelf, Uxie, Trace, Noxus, And Pete Allen. Also With Other Furthur Information, In The Middle Of The Series, Makomo Goes On A Rambo In Canada, Her Home Town And Starts To Find Derrick To Seek Her Help.

In Order To Save His Beloved Friend From A Cardiac Arrest Or Becoming A Zombie, Derrick Sanderson Must Find A Antidote To Save One Of The Best Leaders In The Shi No Numa Team. But Jeffrey Richtofen Found The Antidote First And Beated Derrick To The Prize. In The Other Parts, Derrick Must Now Face Samus In A Battle In Order To Decide Her Fate And Restore Distortion From Acopalypse & Destruction And Underestimate True Friendship And Bonds.

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