Verrückt Loading Screen

Loading screen for Verrückt

Verruckt Is Probably The One Of The Second Last Maps In The Call Of Duty Duty Zombie Series, Besides Loads Of Zombies, There's Red Ribbon After You, (Machinima Only). But There's More To It!! Perk Machines Can Actually Spawn Time. YES! This Map Is Timed (Time Limited). You Only Have 8:30 As Your Mission Time, If Time Runs Out, It's An Automatic Game Over. However, If You Managed To Destroy 60 Zombies, (Approx: 50 Rounds), There Will Be An Exit Nearby, If You Go To That, You Win. But If You Goof Off With Zombie Power-Ups, With Time Running Out, You Lose.

This Also Becomes Annoying When "Doug" Starts To Die Too. (2 Player Mode Only). You'll Need Doug Daniel If You're Going To Survive. It Was A Lot Harder In 2 Player Mode. But, 1 Player Mode Is Always Recommended For Those Still Playing Call Of Duty Out There Today.

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