Unmasking Is Extremely Common Among Haven Troopers And Other Masked Characters, And Are Usually Unmasked By Excited Soldiers Smoking Excitment Ciggerettes, Or A Scriptmaster Doing It: (e.g. Miku, Mashiro, Soba, Osho, etc.) Unmaksing Usually Has A Method Of A Stranger Being Involved In A Mask Of A Haven Trooper, Ususally It Looks Scary Just By Looking At It, Or, It Usually Recovers Into A Another Character, (e.g. Veronica Dare). It Usually Intimidates Other Citizens By A Haven Trooper By Scaring Them Undertaker Style, For That Completely Scary Look, It Did Scare A Couple Of Citizens: Professor Araragi, Nemu Kurotsuchi, Hatsune Miku, Haku Yowane, And Izumi Curtis. These Were The Targets Of The Unmasked Haven Troopers. It Scared Them Completely, Until They Got In A Coma State.

And In Conclusion, According To The Machinima Database, It Is Legal To Take Mayuri's Hat Off, Because, If You Do, That Will Result In A Random Execution. As Told By Legal Unmasking, Only Fair Unmaskings Are Only Among Others, Haven Troopers, Doom Marines, Pyros, And Zealots. The Unmasking Tortures Are Sometimes Legal, Except The Scriptmasters, They Can Do Fair Or Legal Unmaskings, Because They Are Real Official Employees And They Can Do Anything They Want. They Will NOT Get In Trouble For Anything.

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