The United Nation Of Evil Is A Complex Organization That Is Currently Runned By The Leader Cornellia Makio Before Her Demise, After Her Exile, The United Nation Of Evil Chose Binyah As The New Leader, And A Thousand Members Being Recruited Everyday, And After That, They Continue And Try To Claim DigitalPh33rsons And Exile Him From His Show, A Few Hundred Failed, Including The Wikia Glitch. The Glitch Managed To Fix Itself During Late April Of 2010, The Day Of WWE Draft. The Day Of The Draft Was Actually A Time That The Glitch Was Fixed. But Much Was Buggy, And The Glitches Continued On Other Sites. But Not Much Was Known. The Current Member As We Know It Include: Vladimir Makarov, Osaka, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belenski, The Deadly Alliance, Onaga, Phazon Pete, Mashiro Mito, Adob The Scriptmaster General, The Black Knight Osho, Groobo The Noob, Anti-Ermac, Anti-Cyrax, Anti-Sektor, Anti-Human Smoke, And Anti-Noob Saibot. The Other Members Were Anti-Raiden, Anti-Phazon Pete, And Anti-DigitalPh33rson, But Don't Get Me Started On That. And In Conclusion, The United Nation Of Evil Will Continue What They Do The Most Of: Being Evil Itself. Not Much Is Known About There Wherabouts, But The Secret Location Is Somewhere In The Misty Mountains, Not Much Is Given In The Map, According To The Machinima Verse Code: (80401057).

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