The Umbrella Corporation Emblem, As Seen In Video Game Zombies

The Umbrella Corporation Is A Zombie Making, Nova-7 Gas Producing, And Crazed Maniac Companies Formed In The Machinima Universe Today. Ozwell Spencer And Albert Wesker Are The 2 Founders Of This Company. Well, There's A Lot Of Rejected Inventions, Like The Nova-7 Infested Tyrant That Backfired Wesker, And Regreted. Or The Sinculas Virus Infested Beetle That Almost Stomped Jill Valentine To Death. There's A Whole Lot More Of Umbrella's Diabolical Schemes That Had Been Unleashed Recently.

The Umbrella Corporation Came To An End When Chris Redfield Put The Umbrella Crisis To A Complete Stop And Chased Wesker Throughout The Modern-Day Country Of New Ghana In Resident Evil 5. In Resident Evil 5 However, There Were Some Umbrella Reassemblence Of Levels In Later Parts Of The Game. But There Were No Umbrella Zombies. Just Umbrella Lickers.

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