The USS Missouri Battleship Is A Ship That Is Only Featured In Future Warfare Series And The Black Ops Series, Fighting As The Scripmaster Government Allied With The Japanese, The USS Missouri Is A Battlship That Is A High Quality Battlship With Defenses And Offense Attacks, It Even Also Can Take The Fight Right Out Of You As Well

The USS Missouri Was Also Featured In A Script, But The Japanese Defeated It. It Was A Shocking Battle. It's No Matter That The USS Missouri Was A Machinima Property And Was Owned By DigitalPh33rson, The Galactic Union And The Other United States Territories Along With, They Still Have More Of These Ships At Their Disposel, And With That Firepower, They'll Be Able To Take Out Very Heavily Without Question. And With DigitalPh33rson, DigitalPh33rson Will Be The Savior.

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