The Tyrant Sized Weredog Is One Of The Toughest Bosses In The Resident Evil Series, Following From His Script, He Was Just At Normal Size First, Then, He Soaked His Feet In The Radioactive Growth Sludge, Making Him A Tyrant Sized Weredog. DigitalPh33rson Was Dispatched On The Job To Fight This Huge Monster, But This Boss Was Already In A Fight Against Jill, But Was Shot With A Typical Thundergun. A Red Ribbon Courtesy Weapon. It Then Knocked Jill Valentine Unconcious.

When The Weredog Spotted DigitalPh33rson, A Strange Silhoulette Dropped Down A Rocket Launcher To Finish The Job. DigitalPh33rson Didn't Feel Like Shooting A Rocket Launcher, So He Left The Job To Chris Redfield Instead. When The Weredog Impaled Rebecca, She Suffered Shock And Blood Loss. Then Chris Redfield Delivered The Final Blow. DigitalPh33rson Then Informed Chris That Rebecca Was Impaled By The Weredog's Claw, And Knuckle Sister Scoff Had to Summon An Ambulance To Take Rebecca Back To Machinima HQ, To Be Diagnosed By The Machinima Doctors. As A Result Of This Fight, No One Actually Let The Weredog Be Set Off Like That, Not Even Albert Wesker Or Jack Krauser. The Source From The Weredog Incident, Is Currently Unknown. And The Thundergun Was Taken Back To The Red Ribbon Army's Armory.

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