The Thundergun That The Weredog Was Holding In Weredog Fight Script (see: Tyrant-Sized Weredog). This Weapon Is Not In Any Of These Series: Call Of Duty, Killzone, Deadspace, Maria Holic 2, And Half Life 2. It's Concept Style Is Like The Thundergun In Quake 3: Hoenn. This Weapon Was Most Likely Designed By The Red Ribbon Scientists Until A Android Virus Struck Them And Killed Them. Dr. Gero In His Past Finished The Thundergun Project, Then He Left It In The Resident Evil Universe To Let The Weredog Have it

It Uses 580 Volt Powers Per Minutes, It Can Kill Or Knock Out A Living Person Despite The Weight Being Applied To This Weapon. In The Weredog Fight Script, Jill Managed Not To Die With The On-Cept Of Being Shot From This Weapon. After The Weredog's Demise, This Weapon Was Transported Back To The Red Ribbon Army's Armory As A Meer Result. Now, The Ninja Penguin Soldier, (The Main Host Of Video Game Black Ops 3), Now Wields This Massive Killing Machine, Too Bad That The Main Host Doesn't Have The Weredog Blood Encrypted Inside Of Him. It Is Now Re-Programed To Kill Anyone In Sight. Including, Phazon Pete.

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