The Trash Compactor Is One Of Most Used Executions In Modern Life Today. In Present Day, Police Officers Would Use The Trash Compactors To Kill Lost And Runaway Children, But Sometimes They Let Them Go Off With A Warning, And As A Second Offense, They Would Be Executed By The Trash Compactor. This Was Also Used By Bullies And Urban Criminals To Throw Innocent People And Kill Them. Sometimes, They Would Use Grocery Related Items That Were Expired And Can Vary By Effect, The Orange Colored Products Would Turn People Into Zombies, And The Green Colored Products Would Actually Release Their Soul, In Courtesy Of The Deadly Alliance.

In The Machinima Industry, The Cool Kids Would Actually Throw The Homo Kid Into The Compactor For Messing Arround With Silver The Hedgehog And The Rest Of The Girls. The Homo Kid Was Punished With A Death Sentence Of A Trash Compactor, Allowing His Soul To Be Consumed By The Demons Instead Of Being With The Deadly Alliance. This Also Resulted That The Homo Kid Would Actually Die Forever Instead Of Being Consumed By Shang Tsung.

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