The Tickle Torture Is Perhaps One Of The Most Used Tortures In Machinima History Today. The Main Purpose Was Because The Haven Troopers Have Landed In The Land Of Machinima. Most People Like Cyrax, Sektor, AGK And His Fetish Gang, All Use This Torture For One Reason, To Help Them Continue Their Thing The Most. The Tickle Torture Was First Used In The Serpant Demise Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons, Where A Short Scene Starting Drew And Samus Getting Tickled To Death, It Was Drew Who Did It, And Soon When The Barney Bunch Had Landed, Drew And His Bunch Will Able To Do More Tortures.

Apparently, The Only Gentle Person Is The Scriptmaster Adob, Who Isn't Violent Unlike Her Apprentice Master, Mashiro. Adob Tickled A ODST Once And Got With It To Be Jiggy And Horny At The Same Time. The Tickle Torture Was Seen In Various Series: DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Haven Trooper Adventures, And Phazon Pete Adventures, Which Was Demised By DigitalPh33rson In 2009.

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