The White House Is The Most Dominate Locations Both Inside And Outside The Machinima Industry, It Is The Home To A Few Machinima Heroes And Anti-Machinima Wanna-Be Villians. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, John Kerry. The Villians: Microsoft Shingen, The 3 Fire Assasins, Azula, Mai, And The Main Conductor, Ghetsis "The President". The White House Has A Total Of A 4000 Room Revenue, Just Like The Machinima HQ, Which Has 7,000,000 Rooms In All, The White House Appears As The Smallest Of All Base Of Operationers.

The Rooms:

  • The Meeting Room
  • The Guest's Lounge
  • The Billiards Room
  • The Sidney's Room
  • The Confrence Room
  • The War Room
  • The Radar Room
  • Azula's Room (Lots Of Stuffed Pink Animals And A Bed).
  • Mai's Room (Replaced Azula's Room In New Game +)
  • Ghetsis's Room (Known As His Master Bedroom.)
  • The Throne Room (This Is Where You Battle Azula/Mai)

The People:

  • Barack Huessain Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • George Bush
  • John Kerry
  • Fox McCloud
  • Wolf O' Donnel
  • Azula (Pokemon Trainer)
  • Mai (Pokemon Trainer) (New Game + Only).
  • Ghetsis "The President"
  • Microsoft Shingen
  • Derrick Sanderson (Has Been Honored VIP In VGBO 2)

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