DigitalPh33rson Likes UFC, (Literaly Meaning: Ultimate Fighting Championship) Here Is A List That Is A Current Triumph On Who Or Not Has Been Defeated, The Leader Board Consists Of:

1: Charles David "Chuck" Liddell

2: Quinton Ramone Jackson (AKA: Rampage Jackson)

3: Lyoto Carvalho Machida "The Dragon"

4: Jacob Christopher "Tito" Ortiz

5: Kevin Furguson (AKA: Kimbo Slice)

6: David Bautista Jr. (AKA: "The Animal" Batista)

7: Regan Kirkhope (AKA: Baraggan Luisenbarn) (GAME ONLY)

8: Jamie Michael Anderson "The Hippie" Anderson (GAME ONLY)

9: Menoly Lumarda "The Peacekeeper" (GAME ONLY)

10: Brock Edward Lesnar "The Next Big Thing"

11: Mark Wilson "The Chosen One" (Game Only)

12: Ashley Stephens "The Fashion Bug" (LFC Only)

13: Shelby "Victoria" Marx (LFC Only)

14: Steve Starkonson "The Hydroplane" (GAME ONLY)

15: Shane Bannister Carwin


GAME ONLY: Indicates That The Following Fighter Is Only Appeared In The UFC Series Video Games: Undisputed 2009, or 2010. Soon Rumored, Undisputed 2011. Also The Character Has To Be Created.

LFC Only: Lady Fighting Championship, Consists Of The Same Rules As UFC, But With Soft-Friendly Rules Has Been Authorized. Also Indicates That 2 Only Undefeated Female Fighters Were Shelby Marx And Ashley Stephens as a meer Result. But There's Still More Lady Fighters on their Roster. None of them have them Revealed Yet.