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Vexilloid,Flag Of The Roman Empire,As Seen In Video Game Black Ops,DigitalPh33rsons Adventures,And Video Game Zombies.

The Roman Empire Once Ran By Phazon Pete In 2006, The Roman Empire And Army Once Ran Their Business Into A Triumph Against Other Armies, And A Few Years, They Remain Undefeated. The Roman Empire Has A Complete History Of Destroying Cities To The Ground, Enslaving & Tieing Up Woman For A Change, And Feeding Live Christians To The Lions. When Phazon Pete Was Declared Princess Of The Romans, He Was Second In Command, Because His Father, Joshomon Singah Was The Very First In Command And Controlled 600,000 Romans To The Vacant Cities And Searched For People Everywhere In The Cities

Today In Machinima, The Romans Are Still At It, Still Doing Their Best To Cause Destruction, And When Phazon Pete Retired, Joshomon Singah Was Still First In Command And Gathered Up 1,700,000 Romans From Phazon Pete's Platoon After When He Retired. That Meant That Joshomon Was Still Powerful Than Before, The Only Thing Is, That He Has More Men Now, And Soon With Phazon Pete's Mother, 2nd In Command Soon, They Will Rule Once More And Forget Their Divorce.

Allied With The Red Ribbon ArmyEdit

In Video Game Black Ops 3 (The Ribbon Odyssey) DigitalPh33rson Is No Longer In The Role Of Playing, Instead, The Red Ribbon Army Is Playing The Role As The Main Host, As A Ninja Soldier, The Main Plot Will Be Investigating The Roman Territory Of Greece, Club Penguin, And City 22. With The Mission Narrator As Your Guide, He'll Tell On Where To Go First. SPOILER!!: The Red Ribbon Army Is Actually Allied With The Roman Empire!! BUT! NOT IN THE BEGGINING! Because The Red Ribbon Army Wants To Steal The Roman Agritculture Of Their Lands, To Pump Various Waters And Resources! And Plus! TO STEAL THEIR TECHNOLOGY!! (The Only Thing That They Want The Most). After Several Controversies, (Starting In Episode 4 S23E4), The Romans Start To Remember Their Past Enemies/Allies, And Gero Gets A Signing Contract To Put And End To The Roman Triumph. And With The Allied Red Ribbon, DigitalPh33rson And Gang Will End Up In Dire Defeat And Possibly A Bounty.

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