800px-War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.svg

The Japanese Rising Sun Flag,As Seen In Video Game Black Ops,DigitalPh33rsons Adventures,And Video Game Zombies.It Is Also The Flag Of The Imperial Japanese Army

The Rising Sun Empire (Also Known As The Japanese Forces), Is Considered To Be Most Rivaled Armies Of DigitalPh33rson And His Gang, As Well As Phazon Pete's Roman Empire. The Rising Sun Do Not Speak English At All, No Russian, No Spanish, Or No Other Language. Instead They Speak Their Own Language, Which Is

日本語 nippon.

The Japanese Also Runs This Army As Their Main Platoon, Unlike The Galactic Federation, Which Has Many Platoons. The Rising Sun Empire Runs The Nagato, Yamato, And Shikamaru Battleships As Their Sea Frieghters. The Rising Sun Empire Runs Half Of China And Shanghai And Runs 99% Of Their Country, Which Is Japan. The Rising Sun Empire Will Stop At Nothing To Do Their Best To Stop DigitalPh33rson And His Gang As Well As Getting The Their Rival Armies Into Utter Defeat.

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