800px-The Pentagon US Department of Defense building

The Department Of Defense, As Seen In An Illustration.

The Pentagon, (Also Known As The Department Of Defense). Is A

Vulnerable Target In The 9/11 Special, Of All Places, The Administrators Enabled Super High Security Level Doors To Ensure That This Territory Wouldn't Be So Suspected To Visitors. Of All Purposes, The 2 High Level Security Guards, Matthew Edge And Sam Fisher Found Toshiro Hitsugaya And Edward Richtofen On Their Clearance Levels. Before All This Happened, Toshiro Bought A Security Door Opener For His Laptop, It Was A Product By The Morrigan Corperation Building, A Exact Same Product As The IP Scanner, But Had The Ability To Open Locked Doors.

The Department Of Defense Was A Intruder Level Of 8 Because Of The 2 Heroes Rescuing The Others That Once Visited This Place, The Succeeded In Escaping, And The Security Systems Were Majorly Damaged By Toshiro's Hiyorinmaru, And Sam Fisher Asked The Technician And Said That It Would Take About A Few Years To Get It Back Wired Up. So, In The Mean Time, Sam Fisher Would Actually Join Derrick Sanderson (Black Ops), To Help Get Samus Aran Back Together.

The Department Of Defense Is Now Fixed In The Jack (Raiden) Series Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, But It Was Later Called The Makio Corperation Building, Where They Sell Evil Products, Such As: Power Supply Destroyer, Fake XP CD ROM, Computer Virus Powerup, And Various Other Evil Prouducts That Can't Be Arsed To Name. There's Other Purposes For It Being Runned Out Business And One, Was To Destroy The Security Systems In The First Place. Thanks To Richtofen And Toshiro.