The Main Characters Are Nothing But Me, DigitalPh33rson, Samus Aran, Cornellia, Sam Makio, And Others That Can't Be Arsed To Name, On The Second Thought They Are Like 13,000,000 Characters Availble In The DigitalPh33rson's Machinima Saga, Some Say They're Newly Born, Or Just Learning Early Culture At Their House On A Bright Sunny Morning. Some Say That Millions Of People Are Getting An Education. The Millions Of Characters Are Being Born Everyday In The Machinima Universe

The Main Characters Are Currently In Seattle Washington At Their Machinima Headquarters. Millions Of Others Are Being At Homes In The Village Of Komazzon. The Rest Of The Characters Are In The Black Ops Series, In The Ruins Of Spain, With A Partly Couldy Feel To It. It's Mostly Because They Previously Owned Their Houses And Started Evacuating.