The Galactic Union Is A Brother Company To The Galactic Federation, Their Troops Have Superior Weapons, Various Supplies, And Have Their Own Campaign. The Galactic Union Has A Goal To Stop DigitalPh33rson, (Or If It's Rumored.) To Stop The Main Character. The Galactic Union Spreads From The East Edge Of The World, They Once Had A Lab, But It Was Destroyed By Dark Samus Through A Corruption Stasis.

The Galactic Union Has Order Not Only To Stop The Main Character, But To Fight Off It's Rivaled Country, Japan. Returning Fire From Both Sides, Japan And Galactic Union Fight It Out Near The Shores Of The Rival's Territory, Their Next Destination Is Completely Unknown For Now, If It Was Known For Some Minors.

The Galactic Union Have Won About 3000 Wars Worldwide And Also Fought The First NATO Army. DigitalPh33rson Defeated The 2009 NATO Army In The World War 3 Special.