The Court 13 Guard Captains Also Known As Gotei 13 (護廷十三隊, Goteijūsantai; 13 Division Imperial Guards, 13 Court Guard Squads in Japanes, 13 Court Guard Companies In English), (Суд 13 капитаны гвардии Sud 13 kapitany gvardii In Russian) Are The Official Spokespeople In Seattle Washington's Machinima Headquarters, They've Participated In More Than 12,000 Machinima Verse Debates More Than Regular Citizens, The Court 13 Guard Captains Are A Super Powerful Fighting Force That Helps Most Of Machinima's Citizens, And DigitalPh33rson & His Gang Himself. The Former Captain Was Gin Ichimaru Who Was Convicted And Exiled Out Of Court 13 For Terms Of Violation Over Moral Government.

The Captains & Their Assistant Captains Have Their Own Favorite Weapon, Have Their Own Mechanical Millitary Unit, And Uses Specialty To Win Over Other Millitary Companies, (e.g. Shadow Company)

The Team Consists Of The Captains In A Specific Order:

1st Division - Captain: Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto (Commander & In Elderly Form) Assis. Captain: Chojiro Sabiskibe Division Flower: Chrysanthemum (Truth & Innocence) Main Color: Royal Purple

2nd Division - Captain: Sui Feng/Soi Fon Assis. Captain: Marechiyo Omaeda Division Flower: Pasque flower (Seek Nothing) Division Color: Amber Specializes In: Special Ops (Stealth)

3rd Division - Captain: Shusuke Amagai Division Flower: Marigold (Despair) Division Color: Azure (Diamond Dust)

4th Division - Captain: Retsu Unohana Divison Flower: Bellflower (Those Who Grieve Are Loved) Division Color: Puce (Dusk Pink) Specializes In: Medical Supply, As Refrenced To The Team Fortress 2 Medic.

5th Divison - Captain: Sosuke Aizen Division Flower: Lily of the Valley (Sacrifice, Danger, Pure Love, Humility, Sweetness) Division Color: Light Green Division Record: Has Typed Up More Than 300 Verse Codes.

6th Divison - Captain: Byakuya Kuchiki Assis. Captain: Renji Abarai Division Flower: Camellia (Noble Reason) Division Color: Blue Divison Record: Has Escorted More Than 600,000 Civilians To Safety During The WMD Incident.

7th Divison: Captain: Sajin Komamura Division Flower: Iris (Courage) Division Color: Dark Tan Division Record: Fought In The Serpant Rider War Against The Serpant Rebels. Favorite Weapon: Morter Gun

8th Divison: Captain: Shunsui Kyoraku Division Flower: Strelitzia/Bird of Paradise (Everything is Obtained) Divison Record: Fought A USS Nimitz With A Day Wrecker Passed Down To Division 12. Favorite Weapon: Site Camera (X-Ray Vision)

9th Division: Captain: Kaname Tosen Division Flower: White poppy (Oblivion) Division Record: Arrested More Than 4,500 Fetish Prisoners From Free Rights. Favorite Weapon: RPG-9 & Tactical Nuke Plus

10th Divison: Captain: Toshiro Hitsugaya Division Flower: Daffodil (Mystery, Egoism) Division Record: Survived A Tactical Nuke By Using A Deep Ditch. Favorite Weapon: Icy Wind Storm & MP5K

11th Divison: Captain: Kenpachi Zaraki Division Flower: Yarrow (Fight) Division Record: Trialed More Than 800,000 Criminals From Arround The World. Favorite Weapon: Mass Airstrike & Shotgun

12th Division: Captain: Mayuri Kurotsuchi Division Flower: Thistle (Vengeance, Strictness, Independence) Division Record: Made A USS Nimitz Blow Up With A Day Wrecker, Along With Their Accompanied Company, The 8th Division. Favorite Weapon: Day Wrecker (Blood Nuke & Massive Disaster Bomb)

13th Division: Captain: Jushiro Ukitake Division Flower: Snowdrop (Hope) Color: Carnelian Division Record: Captain Lacks Motivation & Needs Constant Medicine Favorite Weapon: Satellite Beam & Red Field (Scanner)

14th Division: Captain: Crackerot "Emerson" Rhodes Division Flower: Fist (To Victory, Honor, Justice, And Power) Division Color: Coffee Red Division Record: Has Participated In A UFC Tournament With 600,000 Men Of The Divison Along With Captain. Favorite Weapon: Wonderwaffe-DG2 & Flamethrower

These People Fight With Power And Honor With Everything They Have In their Aresenal, And Along With The Weapons With The Other Division Has, The Other Companies Rely On Their Advantages, As Well Their Respect And Keen Sense Of Fight In Them To Do It In Their Blood. In Case You Haven't Forgot About The Other Colors, Here They Are, In A Order:

8th Division: Rose Pink

9th Divison: Tenné

10th Division: Dark Green (As In Phazon Pete's Skin Color)

11th Division: Deep Purple

12th Divison: Jade (As In A Color, Not The Mortal Kombat Character)