The Tensa Minalada Bankai Is High-Grade Among Roman Heroes Because Of It's Impact Damage, It's Secret Is That It Holds Quiet Forces & Elements Of Wind, The Wind Is Powered Through Physical Impact Damage And Can Incapacitate Anyone In A Flash. This Is The Only Bankai That Phazon Pete Uses His Bankai Uses The Most, Unlike The Joshomon Singah Keldon Bankai. The Reason That Phazon Pete Likes This Bankai Is Because It Has A High Attack Rate, A High Defense Rate, And A High Critical Rate Means It Can Kill Anybody Or Any Boss In A Matter Of Seconds, Though It Can Be Upgraded With A Demon's Mask.

When Phazon Pete's Antibody Uses It, He Has Created A True Form Of This Bankai And Transformed It, Instead Of It Being A Razor Fang Axe, It Ends Up Being 2 Giant Razor-Sharp Oversized Boomerang Style Steering Wheels. Sometimes Phazon Pete's Antibody Fights As The Normal Tensa Minalada Bankai, The Power Of This Bankai Is Outnumbered. And Phazon Pete Has To Fight The Antibody's Parents's Bankai The 2 Oversized Steering Wheels.

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