Tank Dempsey Is A Man With A "Go With The Flow Attitude" He Is Numa Elite No. 1, But That Actually Changed In Season 2 And Betrayed Richtofen's Trust And Summoned A Nimitz Supercarrier Secretly Without Even Knowing. He Also Appeared In Elite Charlie And Delta Strike Force As A Boss Battle, His Nimitz Supercarrier Takes 2900 HP. So It's The First Boss In The Entire Game. Tank Dempsey Was Offended By Samus's Comment In The Introduction Season Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventure, Where Samus Said She's Going To Sue Takeo And Tank Dempsey, From Talking Too Much. Samus Was Trying To Figure Out Was Tank Dempsey Was Doing, But He Actually Saying Nothing. Samus Tried To Find Out, But DigitalPh33rson Doesn't Want To Know About Tank's Evil Side. Tank Dempsey Was A Good Zombie Fighter And A Former Trainer For Nazi Rookies. Called Noozles. The Noozle Would Then Become Full Nazi Members. Tank Demsey Is A Friend To Ryan Miller, Takeo Massaki, Nicolai Bensolai, And Jake Johnson AGK's Friend. Tank Dempsey Is A Powerhouse And Used To Command 1,000 Tanks At The Same Time. So That's Where Where He Got His Name.