Takeo Massaki Is A Slow Talking, Gentle, And Gloomy Brained Person That Doesn't Show Any Emotion. Except The First Time That Takeo Was A Kid With The Kiddie Effect And Reverted, And Was Madder Than Samus Aran. Takeo Then Had His Brain Erased So He's All Gloomy And Doesn't Care About Anything. Except That Takeo Does Care About Is His Friends: DigitalPh33rson, Samus Aran, Ryan Miller, & His Teammates The Shi Numa Team. The Team Was Clacked Because Of Tank Dempsey's Cowardice, Summoning A Nimitz Supercarrier, The Machinima Gang & The Shi Numa Team Were All In Trouble Because Of Tank's Carrier. Nothing Could Stand Takeo's Hand Condition Because He Has A Rare Disease Called "Hand Disorder" He Could Only Hold A Heavy Item To Gary's Office But That Was In The Past. Today, Takeo Still Has This Disease. But His Disorder Doesn't Stop From Firing Or Carrying A Firearm For A Battle. But In The Birthday Special, Tank, Takeo, And Nikolai Fought 70,000 Romans As A Special Operation, It Took Them The Rest Of That Special To Get Their Operation Done. And In The End, Takeo Healed His Teammates. He Was A Good Pharmacist, And He Lended And Sold About 5,000,000 Medicines To The Civilians Of The Machinima Universe. The Good Thing Was That He Was A Pharmacist In A Drug Store In Seattle Washington. Then, He Came To The Kommazon Fields With DigitalPh33rson And Built And Airfield And Saw His Hometown Once Again.