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Taiwan Is Home To The Saiyan Army To Consume Land For Its Own, Proving It's Claim Over The 14 Court Guard Captains From The Bleach (Fire Torpedo) Series, Taiwan Is A Feutile Country To DigitalPh33rson And His Gang, Every Saiyan, Including Fire Torpedo Himself Proves Himself To Be Pete Morley's True Brother, Fire Torpedo Was Actually Growing Up In A Millenium Galaxy Of The Torpedo Dimmension.

Taiwan Is Home To The Famous Asian Fighters/Boxers, Such As Lyoto Machida And Jet Iron Chin From Nintendo 64's Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. From Midway, Proving The Game's Trustworthy, Taiwan Has A Capital Called Taipei, Where The Advance Technology Occurs, The IP Scanner, And Rodem System Exclusive To Tohru Honda Corp Building, Following The Morrigan Corp Building In Seattle, Taiwan Has The Best Technology Arround Better Than Seattle Washington's Technology. The Tohru Honda Corp Building In Taiwan Still Has The Best Technology Arround The Machinima Universe Today. Still, It Beats The Morrigan Corp Building Services Inc By (TOH: $24,000,000) (MORR: $12,000,000)