Hatsune Miku's Force Edge, The Wimpiest Weapon, But It Is A Refrenced Sword.

A sword is a long, edged piece of forged Metal Used In Civilization & Used For Execution, The Main Purpose For A Sword Is For The Romans, The Romans Are Getting Used To Swinging A Sword And Using It Against Their Enemies. In Vocaloid Fortress 2, Almost Everyone Has A Sword, Except Uryu Ishida, Who Only Uses Mangcock Blades Which Has The Same Properties As A Sword, But The Mangcock Blades Use Spirit Energy Instead Of Strength.

Swords Are Used Through The Ancient Times Of Dark Knights, Gods, Warriors, And Kings According To The Machinima Prophecy. It Is Said That Adob Killed Mashiro Mito With A Sword For Punishment Over Debates, It Only Happened In The Secret Episode Called "DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy: Freedom And Scripts More". Only 1 Part Was Developed And Was Over 14 Minutes Worth Of Length, It Was Like A Horror Movie And A Executioner Movie As Well.

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