Super Smash Bros. (2011 Version) Is A Future Release On Many Consoles, And Despite It's Title, It Has The Class Ranking System, Despite If You're Playing Well Or Not. The Class Ranking Goes Up While You Play Adventure Mode And Classic Mode, And It Goes Down If You're Not Active For 1 Day. A Class Ranking Can Also Unlock Certain Characters By A Bit Of Crusade, And With That Said And Done, The Class Ranking Can Unlock The Following:

  • Phazon Pete (And Unlocks Central 500 Stage)
  • Phazon Pete Antibody (Unlocks Music Track: Phazon Pete The Antibody)
  • Deuce-X (Oblivion Keyblade & Unlocks City 22 Outskirts)
  • Maya (Also Unlocks Deuce-X Gavern Shop Stage)
  • Seigfried (Unlocks Central 500 In Adventure Mode)
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Cain Velaquez
  • Andrea Silva

These Characters Have Also Certain Rewards For Unlocking Them, Like The Ones In Parrentheisies, Unlocks A Stage, A Music Track, Special Weapon, And A Adventure Mode Attraction. The Mode Also Consist Of Adventure Mode, Arcade Mode, Classic Mode, And Survival. The Release Dates Are Mostly In Their Climax, And Despite Their Release, Comes The Truth...





NE: April 23, 2011

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