The 5th Seat In The Scriptmaster Government, And The Ethereal Machinima Mastermind, He Rules His Channel With All Sorts Of Videos, Including The Focused One, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. On The 1st Account, StarwolfMugen, He Used To Have All Random Shit On His Channel, Before DigitalPh33rson Came To Scene, The First & Second Original Episodes Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Were Uploaded, Since The Demise Of The "Once All Powerful Mighty Youtuber Hating Alliance" Came, DeidaraLover80 Flagged The Orihime Inoue Video, And Gave Him A 2nd Warning. Days After, DracoVader Blocked StarwolfMugen, After Beings, StarwolfNotMugen Was Born. He Started Making 2 Random Videos, A Gigai Icon, And A Remix Of The First Stage On Sonic Unleashed, Appottos Windmill Village. After The 2 Random Videos Were Made, He Would Start Making The Introduction Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventure After That Arc, It Was Onto The School Crisis Arc, Which Nico Belic Would Appear.

StarwolfNotMugen Also Started Scripts And Started The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Wikia, (Which Is Currently Active), And Glitches Are Still Running In The Rich Text Editor. He Hasn't Been Working On The Scripts For A While Because The PS3 Doesn't Have Internet Either, Because The D-Link Adaptor That Was Hooked To It, Is Still In The Garage Of StarwolfNotMugen. At The End, The Machinima Mastermind Fights DigitalPh33rson At The Newly Built Castle Oblivion, In Order To Know Who Is Hacked, Asking The Question: Is StarwolfNotMugen A Troll Or Not?? And He Replies, "No". It Is Just To Get Some Fun Arround Not To Make Videos Constantly. StarwolfNotMugen Respects DigitalPh33rson As A Savior And A Helper, Just To Show Off Their Similarities.

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