The Soul Society (Душа общества Dusha obshchestva) Or "Dead Soul World" In Literal English Is A Valuable Location In Machinima, It Is Strange That It Isn't Located Anywhere On The Globe, Not Even In Seattle Washington. The Soul Society Has A Video Game Right Of It's Own, Like the Galactic Union, The Soul Society Has The Right To Stop Putting Nintendo And Microsoft Games On Their Consoles And Put Them On Other Seperate Consoles.

Groobo Sannse Longardner Was The Founder Of This Society's Millitary Force Called "Soul Reapers" These Soul Reapers Would Fight Into Battle And Fight Against Other Enemy Territories Later Then Capturing Them For Their Own. In Other Senses, Groobo Also Established The 13 Court Guard Companies To Keep Control Of The Society's Millitary Force. The Soul Reapers. They Had Only 14 Captains Only And The Main Name Remained The Same. A 15th Division Captain Was Rumored In The Year 2011 And Due To The Fact Groobo Hasn't Comed Up With The Official Captain Name, It Was Rumored They Had A Original Of 20 Division Captain Companies Working For The Soul Society Soon In The Year 2014. But, Groobo Said That Castle Oblivion Heroine Naminé Would Actually Be 15th Division Captain In The Near Future As A Rumor In The Soul Society, A Classified File Will Be Sent To The Glitch Support, Technical Internet Support, And Main Program Support To Support The Rumor Of Being Any Sources Of 20 Division Captain Companies Working For The Soul Society In The Year 2014 As A Rumor.

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