The Soul Outpass Is A Lush, Green, And Large Forest Filled With Hazards, In Order For Jack Raiden To Reach The Deadly Alliance HQ, This Is The Most Hardest Place To Navigate, Because There Are So Many Monsters, The Song Is Viridian Forest From Pokemon HGSS. And For The Powerful Enemy, Is The Pokemon DP Eterna Forest. The Powerful Enemy Is Stronger Than Normal. Prepare Accordingly.

Items In The Field:

Ray Gun X15

Bumper (Throwing Item) X5

Approval Script X2

HP Up X30

Super Scope (Shooting Item) X2


LeechRoot X10

LeechGrave (Boss) X1

Shadow X60

Scherlarrette (Knight) X5

Caution! A Powerful Enemy Is Near!! (Secret Enemy):

Drunken Mayuri X1

Uranium Hand X1

Notes: Forest Is A Puzzle Style Maze, Drawing Sound Is From Attackers Will Prevent You From Reaching The End, Attract Little Noise As Possible And You'll Be Ok. There's A Lot Of Healing Items To Help You.

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