KI SOB Layout

Son Of Beast Roller Coaster,As Shown In illistration.

Son of Beast is a record-breaking wooden roller coaster located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, United States, outside of Cincinnati. Son of Beast is billed as the sequel to The Beast. At the time of its introduction in 2000, Son of Beast was the only wooden roller coaster in the top 10 categories (worldwide) that are typically dominated by steel-based coasters for track length, height, speed, and drop. It was also the only wooden roller coaster to feature a vertical loop, which was removed in 2006 after an incident in which 27 people were injured. The loop was not directly related to the incident, but was removed to allow for lighter trains, thus reducing the chances of the 2006 incident's re-occurrence.

The sign located at the entrance of the ride features a large wooden box covered with chains, rope, and metal straps. The front of the box is ripped open, suggesting a large creature of some sort tore its way out. The words, "Son of Beast" are located in the center of the hole. As part of a marketing campaign for the ride before its début, the same box was placed next to a footpath in the park. Beastly growling and snarling noises came from inside the box and it shook violently, as if something inside was trying to escape. Interestingly, a similar marketing campaign has been used for many of Cedar Fair's roller coaster announcements since they came into ownership of Kings Island and thus Son of Beast, including Prowler, Diamondback, and Intimidator.

Included in its many world records, Son of Beast is the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster, the only modern wooden roller coaster in the world to successfully incorporate a vertical loop, and the second longest wooden roller coaster (second only to its predecessor, The Beast, also located at Kings Island). This second place record was planned, as to leave the Beast with its 30+ year world record as the longest wooden coaster.

Prior to the removal of the loop, the ride originally operated with three Premier Rides designed trains. In 2007, they were replaced with two Gerstlauer trains from the defunct Hurricane: Category 5 roller coaster at Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

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