Soi Fon, As Seen In The 9/11 Special, As Well As DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Series.

Soi Fon Is The Main Husband Of Chuck Norris, And Is The Mother Of Knuckle Sister Scoff, Soi Fon First Appeared In The 9/11 Special Appearing As A Korean Voice, Not Because That She Hates Her British Voice, But Wants To Change The Voice In Her Attitude. Because Of This, She Has A Emotional Conflict That Triggers Her Darkside Very Often, And Is Very Emotional Like: Takeo, Amy Rose, And Samus. Soi Fon Then Trained Samus Aran In A Future Machinima Series, Then She Was Dead By The Deadly Alliance Group. Some Say That She Is The Female Version Of Raiden, But She Has A Straight Edge Form Named Big Zam. Unlike Beat, Big Zam's Kicks Are Much More Powerful. Soi Fon Then Casted Away With Chuck Norris And Told Knuckles To Keep Guard Of Scoff For Good. And Knuckles Became Scoff's Brother Very Fast. Her Voice Is L&H Michelle, She Is Just Like The Speakonia Version Of Lara Croft. She Learned The Unknown Galactic Union Fighting Style, Satsujinken, The Murderer Fist.

After Her Return From The Cruise, Liquid Zabuza Was Already Born From Her Stomach After Chuck Norris Married Her, Soi Fon's Memory Was Then Lost, But She Didn't Lose All Of Her Fighting Styles In The Process, She Forgot DigitalPh33rsons Rivalry With Her. But She Got Mad That Scoff Had A Dude Voice. And Her Soul Was Stolen. Also, Soi Fon Isn't Very Proud For Scoff Having A Straight Edge Form Named Beat, Due To The Fact That She's 16 Years Old And Fights At Her Very Weakest.

In The Metroid Speakonia Machinima, Soi Fon Has Changed Her Name To Sui-Feng, And Betrayed DigitalPh33rson Again, And Sui Feng Now Has Compete Control Over DigitalPh33rson's Seattle Washington Machinima Headquarters Near African Grey Drive, DigitalPh33rson Has To Use His Stress Relievers Against This Person, She Has Killed Her Husband Chuck Norris With A Silver Bullet, And A Small Pinch Of Small Diamonds, Notice That Sui Feng Has Her Eyes On Chuck Norris (As A Rumored Spoiler), Sui Feng Still Has Her Straight Edge Form, (Being Betrayed), And Sui Feng Still Masters The Unknown Galactic Union Fighting Style The Murderer Fist. And Sui Feng's 2nd Target Is Knuckles The Echidna, Sui Feng Will Also Consist Of Killing Silver The Hedgehog And His Fetish Gang As An Added Bonus, All This Happens In The Showdown Aftermath Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Of The Final Season, Sui Feng Will Live On And Heal Her Wounds After Being Pwn'd By The Stress Relievers That She's Tooken. Sui Feng Will Find A New Husband In The Afterlife And Consist Of Creating A New World And Alter It Into Despair.