Soba's Human Form, He Then Shapeshifts Into Green Samus.

Soba Is The 3rd Seat Of The Scriptmaster Government, He Is Gruelsome As He Can Be, Let's Say That He Is From The Sewers, And Sometimes Shapeshifts Into Samus Because Soba Like Green Samus. Soba Is Ususally Poisonus To The Human Skin And Through The Nerve Tissue, He Has Orange Acid, Green Acid, And Red Acid. Soba Uses Orange Acid To Turn His Foes Into Zombies, Just Like Zombie Samus.

Soba's Weekness Is Arranged Cleaning Products, Because It Assails His Nostrils And Then Enters His Skin. He Hates The Smell And Feel Of Arranged Cleaning Products. Soba Will Stop At Nothing To Keep His Dignity And Honor For His Own Sake And Then Later Make The Glitches Melt To Their Temporal Doom. And Their Vengence Will Never Keep Soba For His Own Word.

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