180px-Silver hedgehog
Silver Is One Of The Newest Characters Of DigitalPh33rson Due To The Fact That He Doesn't Have A Role In A Episode Yet. Silver Is A New Character That Is Adopted By Greats Like: Jake, AGK, Weavel, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, Mako, And Many Others That Can't Be Arsed To Name. Silver Has Been In Other Activities Like: Scripts, UFC Fighting, Machinima Racing, Arwing Pilot, Mission Shooting, Foot Fetishes, And Many Others. Silver Has Been Dedicated To Himself For Being In DigitalPh33rsons Machinima Adventures, However, Silver Doesn't Have A Voice Actor Yet, Despite He Doesn't Have A Role Yet. He Will Try His Very Best To Keep His A-Game Up By Keeping The Machinima Industry Powerful And Strong.

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