Shi No Numa Loading Screen

Loading screen for Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa Is A Machinima Based Hideout For The Shi No Numa Team, While It Was Originally A Zombie Map, They Originally Wiped Out All The Zombies And Called It Their "Base Of Operations". While It May Not Look Like It, The Shi No Numa Is An Actually Landmark For DigitalPh33rson And His Gang, Fortunetely For Tank And Takeo, They Were Goners.

Now, 2 New Additions To The Team, (According To December 2010), Jake Johnson And Renji Are Finnaly Tank Dempsey And Takeo Massaki's Replacements. Notice About The Fishing Hut In The Residence, Since The Team Barely Uses It Ever. They Are Too Busy With Swarming Evil Threats That Scale Up To Monsters, Zombies, Microsoft Shingen, And The Clutches Of Eric Cartman. Walter's Brother, Jeffrey Richtofen, Trys To Make It Up To Them. And Plus, He Has An Advantage For Any Type Of Zombie.

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