The Shermarmlaronite Is The Third Evolution To The Following Enemy: The Scherlarrette, This Model Is Similar To The MS-15B Gyan High Mobility Type. It's Weapons Are Extremely Powerful, The Only Attack That Can Be Dodged Is The Kido Light Ball. Because It Travels So Fast. Prepare Accordingly, Because This Is The Most Extremely Hardest Enemy Class In The Machinima Universe.

Target Name: Shermarmlaronite

HP: 6021 (Mezari Mountain Fortress Afterseries), 5028 (Liberty League: Expert Class) HP Varies

ATK: 1790

DEF: 3005

Spiritual Energy: 406.40 (314.9%)


1. Double Edge Staff (Twice The Opposing Damage)

2. Kido Light Ball (Blinds Enemy)

3. Nitro Breath (Poisons)

4. Flying Drop Kick (Recoil Damage If It Misses)

Notes: Extremely Tough, Prepare Accordingly. This Monster Can Be Taken Out If You Have At Least 1 Enemy Joining Your Last Match. (Liberty League Only) This Monster Can Deal Heavy, But Incredible Damage. Skill And Caution Is Advised.

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