Shang Tsung, The Main Founder Of The Deadly Alliance Wants To Fight Jack To His Own Potential, To Do That, Shang Will Activate His Magic At The Start Of The Match.

Target Name: Shang Tsung

HP: 520

DEF: 3300

ATK: 790

Spiritual Energy: 70,000


1. Soul Steal (Does Damage To An Opponent And Has 70% Of A Critical Hit)

2. Red Asian Mist (Stings The Opponent's Eyes And Lowers The Attacker's Accuracy)

3. Eurosian Bolts (Stronger Version Of The Soul Steal Attack & Has 100% Of A Critical Hit)

4. Dawn's Curse (Curses An Opponent To A Nightmare)

Notes: This Attacker Has A High Spiritual Energy Level, This Boss Is Extremly Difficult To Defeat, But Using Status Healers Is The Key.

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