Shang Tsung Is a powerful and deadly sorcerer and a primary villain in the Mortal Kombat series, Shang Tsung is a demonic shapeshifter who needs to consume souls in order to sustain his health and life. In the Mortal Kombat series, he is the epitome of cunning and decadence, as symbolized by his preference for lavish parties, grand palaces, and stylish clothing. Unlike the crude Shao Kahn, this bombast is a façade, disguising Tsung's true intellectual and mental sophistication. His nemesis is Liu Kang, but throughout his unnatural lifespan, he has earned the hatred of many others, including Kung Lao and Kenshi.

Shang Tsung's early allegiance to Shao Kahn granted him the status of a free roaming sorcerer. He is able to move between realms without detection by the Elder Gods or local deities, an ability which has granted him many opportunities to commit atrocities over the centuries. Only Shinnok, Shao Kahn, and Quan Chi can match Shang Tsung's skills as a sorcerer.

In The Machinima, He Appears In The Anti-Youtuber Hating Alliance And Killed Osaka As A Soul Stealer. Shang Tsung Delivered Osaka's Soul To The Soulnado, He Also Did This To Tony Little, Donald Duck, Mr. Fire Extinglisher, Mr. Interent Modem, Mr. Car Tire, And Many Others To The Alliance, Except Chuck Norris. He Also Gave John Morrison A Favor To Fetch Out Scoff After The Spotting Of Her In The Kommazon Lands, After Seing Her, John Morrison Strangleholded Her, Blindfolded Her, And Cuffed Her, After A Few Weeks Back To The Deadly Alliance Headquarters, John Morrison Hand Delivered Scoff To Shang, Where Shang Tsung Will Swap Her Soul To A Subsitute Form (Later A Straight Edge Form) Named Beat, Beat Became A Part Of Knuckle Sister Scoff As A Dude Voice And Later Scoff's Real Voice Was With Her Armor Form, Like Zelda In Spirit Tracks For Nintendo DS. When Scoff Came Home With A Dude Voice, And Beat Inside Her Body, Soi Fon Wasn't Suprised, Indeed She Was Angry And Furious And Started Complain With Chuck Norris, Later Then Scoff Being Kicked Out Of The Fighting School, She Went To Seattle Where She Found DigitalPh33rson, Sylux, Azelf, Samus, And The Rest Of The Gang And DigitalPh33rson Gladly Accepted Her Stay At The Machinima Headquarters, After DigitalPh33rson Suffered Like Scoff, Jack Wanted To Take Shang Tsung On And Won The Battle. Shang Tsung Asked Onaga For A Second Try, But It Was Declined To Him, Shang Tsung Cried And Later Died.

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