The Evolution 2nd Stage From A Shadow Turns Into A Black Haired, Goth Warden. These Priests Lurk In Almost Every Area In The Black Ops Universe, And Sometimes They Are Most The Easy To Find At The Deadly Alliance HQ. These Priests Do Look Like Hatsune Miku A Little Bit, Their Thunder Whip Cannons And Katana Attacks Can Shorten Your HP By A Hundred, Technical Is The Key To These Enemies. These Kind Of Enemies Did Improve On Their Combat Skills, And They Will Most Likely Will Take You Out In A Flash If They Can. This Is Called "The Submission Process". Try To Avoid This Process As Possible So You Won't Be Battered Easy.

Target Name: Shadow Priest

HP: 217 (Soul Outpass), 302 (Deadly Alliance HQ), 395 (Mezari Mountain Fortress), *HP Levels Vary By Area.*

DEF: 282

ATK: 750

Spiritual Energy: 3401% (3601.0)


1. Boot Kick

2. Shadow Summoning (Brings Shadows Into The Current Fight)

3. Katana Attack (Chance Of Critical Hit)

4. Thunder Whip Cannon (Chance Of Near Limit KO)

Notes: Target Is Capable Of Technical Skills And Combat Skills, Can Also Summon Shadows Into The Battle Scene (via Shadow Summoning Attack #2.) Also Has A Giant Thunder Whip Cannon That Can Take You Out In A Near Instant, (On Your Last Legs). Has High Spiritual Pressure Levels.

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