These Hatsune Miku Look-A-Like Enemies Are Consumed Of Pure Raw Darkness, It Is Known That These Creatures Have A Sense Of Non-Combat, Unlike Their Base Parents, The Shadow Priests. Who Are Always Ready To Fight. These Shadows Are Mostly Weak, And Can Take A Couple Of Hits Before Going Down, Low HP Levels, High Accuracy Levels, Low Spiritual Presssure, And Low Defense Makes These Creatures A Piece Of Cake.

Target Name: Shadow

HP: 60 (Base), 79 (Village In Spain), 101 (Deadly Alliance HQ, Soul Outpass, Mezari Mountain Fortress) *HP Depends On Area Where They May Be Lurking.*

DEF: 33

ATK: 16

Spiritual Energy: 100% (51.9)


1. Black Scribble

2. Finger Pinch

3. Blob Spit

4. Glitch Ball (Critical Hit)

Notes: Lacks Skill And Combat Techniques. However, The Attack With The Most Damage Is The Glitch Ball. Which Can Be Easily Avoided.

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