BlackOps person

Viktor Reznov, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, And Video Game Zombies

Sgt. Reznov, Viktor Reznov Is A Recurring Character In The Call Of Duty Series, He's Been Imprisoned In Black Ops, And He Has Lived More Younger In The Original Call Of Duty Titles. Despite The Fact He's Appeared As A Mean Teacher. In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures School Of Horror Arc. DigitalPh33rson And Reznov Have A Strict Rivalry However, He's Been Betrayed By His Own School Authority In His Younger Days. After A Couple Of Dealt Punishment, Reznov Has Been Killed.

Reznov Can Make A Future Purpose For The United Nation Of Evil However, He's Been Tracked As A Homing Beacon To Signal Cornellia Makio And The Others Such As: Binyah, Hitler, Phazon Pete, Brock Lesnar, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, And Sannse. The Head Of Wikia. Reznov Was Forsaken For His Sins And He Was Given The Title: The Jesus Christ Of Machinima, Which Start A Whole Monster Invasion, And To Signal The Entire World's Evil Against DigitalPh33rson. Frank Woods Said That Reznov Was Killed And Was Sinned For The Entire People Of His World And Thanked Him For Such Harmony. For Those Hopes, He's Earned Himself In The Firey Depths Of Hell

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