Sgt Avery Junior Johnson

Avery Johnson, Soon To Be Rumored In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures.

Sgt. Avery Johnson Is A Fictional Character From The Halo Series, Despite The Fact That He Commands About 200,000 Spartans To Fight The Aliens (e.g. Arbiters, Horn Demons). Avery Johnson Started Out As A Private And Continued All The Way Up Until He Reached The Top.

Sgt. Avery Johnson Is A Complex Man, And Despite The Advantage That He Is Against The United Nations Of Evil, He Feels Down To Himself Proving Him That He Fell To A Deep Darkside Of His Heart. That Doesn't Mean His Troops Don't Fire At The Machinima Citizens For No Reason, But Was A Good Reason Why He Is Very Emotional To His Comrades And Friends.

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