Scripts Are An Act Of A TV Show, Play, And A Machinima. But, Most People Don't Use Them Unlike Autistic People. Most People Including: Normal & Autistic, Are Not Familar With Scripts. People Know What To Do With Scripts And The Main Thing That Scripts Are Used For The Only Websites: Fanfiction & Youtube. The Most Thing That Scripts Are Only Important Is Only For The First Website, Fanfiction. On The Other Half, Youtube Only Has Freedom For Uploading Speakonia Machinima Related Video Like: Final Fantasy VII In Peril, Pheonix Wrong: The Abridged II, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Video Game Zombies, And Live Video Coverages. The Video Coverages Are: Metroid Echo Strike Force, The Future Smash Bros Titles: Armeggedon & Court Guard Captain Collector's Edition. Which Are Most Popular With Video Game Players Everywhere.

With Scripts, They're Either On Youtube (Risk Of Taking Up Space In Inbox), Or Their On Yahoo (Having Plain, Or Boarders: Via Yahoo Mail Plus.) The Original Script That Had The Best Original Story Was Romeo & Juliet In The Machinima Chief's Opinion, Due To The Fact The Fact That It Took 30 Years Since It's Release. On the Other Hand, Some Scripts Are Deleted In The Sent Section To Prevent From Taking Up 500 MB Of Inbox Space On Youtube. While It's Deleted, It's Still Sent To The Client Who Wants It The Most, DigitalPh33rson. The Scripts Sometimes Have Character (Letter Limits) On Them, Due To The Designer (StarwolfNotMugen), Had His Product Activation Error In Late December Of 2009. The Product Activation Error Is Occured If There's Something Exciting, Requests, Finales, Adventure Lands, Etc. Most Of The Scripts Are Impossible, Some Of Them Are Easy. Some Of Them Can't Be Done Due To Various Reasons. And Some Of Them Are Requested By Spam. However, Spam Is Not Tolerated On Youtube, This Wiki, Or Anywhere Else On The Machinima Property Areas Or Claimed By StarwolfNotMugen & DigitalPh33rson Productions Inc.